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Moroccan Delegation Carry Out Sit-In

 Saturday 17 November 2007, 03:26 PM

 During the Al-Quds International Forum held in Istanbul, the Moroccan delegation participating in the forum carried out a sit-in, called upon by the Moroccan Justice and Development Party.
The sit-in was an expression of the sanctity of the Palestinian cause, especially the city of Al-Quds to the Moroccan people.
The demonstration was also an expression of the strong historic bond between the Moroccan people and the city of Al-Quds, particularly reflected in the neighborhood callded ‘the Door of the Moroccans,’ said Dr. Ibn Khaldoun Reza head of foreign relations in the Justice and Development Party.
It is noteworthy to mention that the Moroccan delegation was the largest delegation in the forum, reaching 240 participants. Among them were personalities and representatives oforganizatoins, institutions and parties. The Moroccan delegation actively participated in  the major meetings and workshops of the conference.
The secretary general of the Justice and Development Party, Saad Eddin Al Othmani made a speech at the sit-in, expressing the sanctity of the Palestinian cause to the Moroccan people.
Al Othmani also sent out a symbolic message on behalf of the Moroccan people in supportof the Jerusalemites.

Also speaking at the sit-in, was MP Abu Zeid Al-Idrisi of the Al Makri al-Idrisi party, where he emphasized the threat of the Judaization process of Al-Quds on  the city’s Arab and Islamic landmarks.
The demonstraors also expressed that the issue of Al-Quds is not only the cause of the Muslims but that of Christians and the whole of the Arab region.

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