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Al Quds Forum a Big Demonstration, Say Guests

Patriarch Griforios III

"Patriarch Griforios III"

 Saturday 17 November 2007, 02:06 PM


The guests of Al Quds Internatıonal Forum, held in Istanbul, Turkey, view it as a big demonstration for the sake of Al Quds, with the presence of more than 4000 guests from 65 countries.

"I consider the Forum to be a very important event, in terms of its timing, venue, and the participation of guests" from all around the world, said Patriarch Griforios III, who lived in Al Quds for 26 years.

The Forum that started on the 15th of November and will end today, November 17, 2007, marked the 40th anniversary of the complete occupation of Al Quds, and is also coming 90 years after the Belfour Declaration was made in November 1917.

"The organizers of the Forum have made a great achievement by gathering this big number of guests coming from all over the world," he added.

He also emphasized the venue of the conference; "as if Turkey is being called upon to take on its role in the Palestine Cause and the struggle against Israelis."

He also thanked Turkey for agreeing to host the Forum. "If every Arab country played its role in the way Turkey did, intensifying efforts in specific aspects, we will have overstepped words and started taking actions."

Sheikh Harith Al Dari shares the views of the Patriarch. The head of Iraq's leading Sunni body, the Muslim Scholar's Association, is very optimistic about the Forum's results: "It's like an Arab, Islamic, and International political demonstration."

British MP George Galloway agrees: "You can tell from the huge crowd how dear to the heart Jerusalem is."

Al Dari said he never before saw this big number of guests in any other conference. "It has established an Arab-Islamic-International stance in support of Al Quds. … It reminded us that the Ummah has not forgotten Al Quds; conversely, its sees the Cause as its number one priority," he added.

From Al Quds, photojournalist Mahfouz Abu Turk came to take part in the Forum. He, too, finds the event to be a big demonstration, with the participation of thousands of guests and hundreds of organizations.
Like the rest of the participants, he hopes that the Forum results in practical steps rather than just words. A journalist himself, he suggests the establishment of a media network that promotes that cause of Al Quds in a professional way.

Many voices among the guests demand that action be taken.

"Actions that will touch the hearts of Jerusalemites and give them hope," Griforios III said.

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