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A Racist Ideology in Action

 Friday 16 November 2007, 05:13 PM

Al-Quds International Forum opened its second day with a session that focused on the Zionist ideology and its implementation in Palestine.

Speakers discussed about the racist Zionist ideology which extended its expansionist policy step-by-step to take over about 80% of the city of al-Quds. They pointed out that the canny British plan for Jewish settlement transformed into a full-fledged Zionist occupation of  Palestine throughout the time.
Several speakers underlined that the unlawful Zionist projects aimed to make al-Quds the Israel capital while disregarding Palestinians' rights.
Dr. Hassan Naf’a, a Political Science professor in Cairo University said that the importance of al-Quds has always been very clear in Zionist statements. He added that the historical leader of the Zionist movement former Prime Minister Ben Gurion said ‘without al-Quds there is no Israel and without Jews there is no al-Quds”.
Member of Hizbullah Political Bureau Ahmed Mellycommented on the political aspects of the current situation in al-Quds maintaining that the Zionist political agenda is exclusive does not take into consideration the rights of anyone else.
Naf’a said that Zionist project followed a plan that built the new al-Quds to subdue the old historical part of al-Quds. Naf'a added that the solution scheme for al-Quds should be based on political grounds but Israel obstinately advocates a plan on religious grounds since it fits into their agenda. He said that Israel uses religion as the tool to justify Israeli existence in al-Quds.
Ahmed Melly said that the Zionist project is not only colonizing the city but also supplanting the native residents of al-Quds with Jews.
Mohsen Saleh, the manager of the Zaytoona Research and Consultancy Institution in Lebanon, stressed that three types of mentalities guide Israelis policies: the abolitionist mentality—to eliminate Palestinians; the Ghetto mentality —to isolate themselves against Palestinians; and the superiority mentality— to disgrace Palestinians.
Saleh argued that the combination of these three factors created an exclusivist atmosphere which totally contrasts to the all-encompassing era of the Muslim rule of al-Quds.
Abdelrahem Adel, the president of Sudanese parliament, said that al-Quds is considered as a holy city by Islam, Christianity and Judaism and this adds complexity to the situation on the ground.
The Zionist policy of excluding Palestinians' existence in al-Quds has created a very dangerous situation as it does not respect international laws or other religions, said Naf’a.
Saleh added that al-Quds is by nature is a city of peace where all religions had lived together in harmony till the Zionist occupation. He said that if you ask anything that exists in Quds they will all tell you that “we want Omar al-Khattab’s [the second Caliph of Muslims] just  rule back.”

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