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A Talk with Stanley Cohen

 Saturday 17 November 2007, 08:26 PM


After his fiery  speech in the morning session of Al Quds International Forum, where he fiercely attacked the American administration, and depicted Israel as an illegal states, Stanley Cohen, a New York-based attorney and human rights activist, shared with us his views on the Western media, Al Quds, and the possible solutions of the Palestinian cause.

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On Al-Quds with Ghannoushi- "Muslims and Arabs should fight normalization with the Zionists in every manner..."

 Friday 16 November 2007, 01:52 PM

Of the main guests at the Al-Quds International Forum was Sheikh Rashid Ghannoushi, who now resides in the UK and is considered one of its main Islamic activists. Ghannoushi returned to Tunisia after finishing his degree at the Sorbonne in France during the early 1960’s.

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Interview with Palestinian woman politician in Al Quds

 Friday 16 November 2007, 01:35 PM


Jıhad Abu Zneid ıs a woman member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, Jerusalem Governance. She speaks of the conditions under which Palestinian Jerusalemites live inside the city.

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The Story of a Palestinian Woman behind the Bars of the Israeli Occupation

 Thursday 15 November 2007, 06:32 PM

Salwa Hdeib Qannam, Head of Board of Trustees of Jerusalem Center for Women and a guest speaker at the forum presented her story during the second session of the conference. She was a Fath activist and a student of law in Beirut, when she got detained by Israeli soldiers on her way back to Palestine. In her own words this is the story of what she went through when she was arrested by Israeli soldiers:
“I wasn’t even 20 years  old when I was a junior in the faculty of law in Beirut.

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Interview with George Galloway- British MP and Head of the Respect Party

 Thursday 15 November 2007, 03:25 PM

The whole Palestinian cause is in danger.  The danger is continued with the violent occupation, the division of the Palestinian people and the silence of some and the treason of others in the Arab and Muslim world. If we are not careful, Jerusalem will be finally lost.

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