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The West is Morally Responsible towards Al Quds to Expiate the Past, Say Forum Speakers

 Saturday 17 November 2007, 12:17 PM

The role and responsibility of the "West" in protecting the city of Al Quds was the theme of the morning session of the third day of Al Quds International Forum.

The speakers agreed that there is a moral responsibility the west should undertake to expiate the unjust role it played in the creation of the aggressor state of Israel and in covering up its destructive actions in Al Quds.
"By the West we mean the governments and the  regimes, who are blindly supporting Israel, not the people among whom we have many are friends and sympathizers," emphasized Bishara Merhij, the vice-President of Al Quds International Foundation.
Buthaina Shaaban, Syrian minister of expatriates, said that the one of the main reasons for the Western responsibility towards Palestine is the Belfour Declaration, issued by Britain in 1917, which was one of the causes to bring into existence the state of Israel.
Further, the West has a religious responsibility towards this holy city, which witnessed the birth of Jesus, added Shaaban, maintaining that Christians of Palestine are facing a ferocious attack that has pushed many of them out of their lands.
The speakers gave a special attention to the role anticipated from the Western media and international organizations.
Mohammed Kablan, Member of the Swedish Parliament, contended that international and human rights organizations failed in realizing the role they should play in protecting Al Quds and maintaining its heritage. He pointed out to the success of the Israelis in penetrating these organizations and in directing them to serve their interests.
On the role of media, Shaaban said that the Western media is biased and very opinionated against the Palestinians. She accused it of deceiving its audience by demonizing the Palestinians and propagating faulty portrayal of the situations on ground.
Stanly Cohen, An American lawyer and human rights activist, shade light on the American role in supporting the Israeli aggressions. He added that the United States, is implicated in the displacement of millions of Palestinians by being involved in the creation of the illegal state of Israel.
"Talking about the [role] West is misleading because, for decades, the West has been a puppet of the United States," Cohen stressed.
Mehrij hinted at the Vatican's and UNESCO's several condemnations of the Israeli actions; However, Israel ignored them relaying on the unrestricted American support.
Cohen stated that the for the last 60 years the United States has dealt with the Middle East as a chessboard. For the American administration, the good Arab and Muslim is the one who supports Israel, while the bad one is the one who resists Israel, he added.
As for Al Quds, Cohen said that the West is turning a blind eye on Israeli actions, which allows Israel to violate the Geneva Conventions which compels occupying power to protect and preserve the cities they are occupying.
The speaker concluded that a more vibrant role it needed from the West to support the just cause of the Palstinainain and to protect the historical city of Al Quds. Kablan added that the Palestinians should reach out to the Europeans to make public the injustice and oppression they face.

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